Bike to shop on Clinton and Division Streets during the promotion in July 2016, and find out what participating businesses have in store for you when you arrive — 2-for-1, free with purchase, % off, and more mystery incentives await. Don’t forget about the smug satisfaction of shopping locally, and be sure to tweet your bike-to-shop-style @biketoshop_pdx. Bikes and local businesses make a great match.


We’ve seen people like you, strapping a flat of strawberries on the back of your bike or pulling a trailer filled with weekly groceries/a tree home from the store — or maybe you’re just that gal who *always* rides a bicycle to meet friends for brunch. We have a challenge just for you. If you pride yourself on the crazy things you’ve strapped on your bike and rolled away with, or how many bacon miles you’ve logged, here’s your chance to show off and win some prizes.

We have gift certificates and other prizes set aside for people who take our Bike to Shop Challenge and it could very well be you! All you need to do is take a photo of your bike and/or you on one of your shopping trips, then send it to us. We’ll post the photo on social media and enter you in our prize drawing.

Step 1: Take your bike shopping photo. It can be your bike laden with purchases (with or without you) or an action shot of you shopping by bike. If the photo isn’t square, we’ll probably crop it square, so keep that in mind.

Step 2: Send us your photo. Email it to us at SaferClinton at Or upload it on another social media (like Instagram or Twitter or Flickr) and email us a link to it. Or slap it directly on our twitter @biketoshop_pdx. Include your first name + last letter (Max S.) and shop name (Clinton Street Theater), plus a caption to make it more interesting.